ABSA Revolving Loan

With an ABSA Revolving Loan, you have access to available money whenever you need it. Apply for an Absa Revolving Loan from R15 000 today. If you earn R8000 or more you’ll qualify.

A Revolving Loan is an ongoing or ‘open’ loan facility for an agreed amount. Provided a minimum of 15% of the approved loan has been repaid, you can re-borrow back to the approved limit without affecting your monthly repayments. This means that you can access the available funds whenever you need them, without having to reapply each time.

*  ABSA Revolving Loan kcGbIjRecapitalise on deposits and revolve back to the limit once the agreed 15% of the loan has been repaid.
*  ABSA Revolving Loan kcGbIjDeposits over and above the monthly installments are capitalised on immediately.
*  ABSA Revolving Loan kcGbIjInstallments remain fixed, meaning you don’t have to worry about interest rate changes.

It’s a hassle-free loan since you don’t have to reapply to revert to your original loan amount.

How to get it?
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