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FNB Debt Consolidation loans

FNB probably has one of the most the most comprehensive debt consolidation loans around. They call these their Debt Relief Solutions. FNB can help you consolidate your debt by bringing you four, yes four, options when it comes to debt consolidations. And this does not include the traditional way of debt consolidation which is their FNB Easy Loans product. Follow this link to learn more about it.

So, what ways can FNB consolidate your debt?

1. Straight-2-budget. By consolidating your debt into a Budget  Plan and rescheduling payments over a period of 6-60 months. Contact them: call 087 575 1111

2. Budget Plan Consolidation. By consolidating multiple budget facilities into one budget plan. Contact 087 575 1111 for this plan.

3. Balance Transfer. Consolidate debt from retail, clothing accounts, short-term or personal loan and transfer to your budget facility. You also get to pay a promotional rate for the first 9 months of the debt consolidation. Call 0860 BT CARD (28 2273) to find out more.

4. Credit Card Assist Plan. This is for those who struggle with paying their FNB credit card debt and helps them pay off their credit card debt over a certain period without the balance increasing. Call 087 575 9432 to know more about this option.