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Online blacklisted loans

Finding a  loan can be very difficult when you are blacklisted , we have come up with the best solution to help you find a blacklisted loan online . We take out the hassle oif finding and even visiting a store or finance house or even a bank to get a loan. To apply simply visit our website at www.loan-sa.co.za it takes just 5 five mins to apply online and get an answer the same day

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Elite Personal Loan

Elite Group offers an Elite Personal Loan that are tailored to the individuals needs, Personal loans are in essence short term in nature i.e. one to six months repayment on a loan amount of between R300 and R 8 000.00.

Lending Process

Documentation required at Front offices:
Application Document
Credit check and Registration
Process of loan
Activation of electronic payment system / Salary deduction
Electronic payment to client

Call 086-010-5028.