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Prime Meridian Prime Assist

Prime Meridian’s Prime Motor Assist plan offers the motor insurance that will give you peace of mind and protect the value of your assets should an unfortunate event occur.

In addition, minor damage like small dents, windscreen chips and bumper scuffs are an unavoidable and often costly realist of vehicle ownership. Everyday damage from shopping trolleys, flying stones and other car doors for example can affect the value of your vehicle and can detract from the simply please of owning and driving your car.

Mechanical and electrical failures can be costly and keep you from getting your children to school, getting yourself to work and from completing your everyday activities.

  • Prime Motor Assist insurance cover starts from a little over R3 a day.
  • Car insurance to help repair bumper scuffs, minor dents and windscreen chips.
  • Car insurance for jump starting and wheel changes.
  • Car insurance to help retrieve locked keys.
  • Reimbursed car hire allowance.
  • Cover for fuel shortages and flat batteries.
  • Car insurance to help you repair mechanical and electrical failures.