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loans for clients with bad credit

Get a loan when you have bad credit

Getting a loan for bad credit is not as hard as you think. A traditional bank may not help you with a loan . There quite a few lenders in South Africa than can assist you with a loan even if your are blacklisted or have bad credit. The one thing they look at is your ability to repay the loan back . This is done by way of assessment.

when you can get a loan for bad credit loan loans for clients with bad credit Loans for blacklisted in SA

How is affordability used to get access to a loan

The bank will look at your income and your expenses as well as your credit bureau. Even if you are blacklisted you will still get a loan offer as long as your can afford the loan and they lender is satisfied that you can repay the loan. The lenders must be registered with the national credit regulator and if they lend you money they can be fined for reckless lending. Loans for bad credit is popular in south africa. Many people struggle to make it through the month.

Bad Credit?

First we suggest looking at your expenses and income . Making some adjustments so that you can afford the repayments. Only then should you apply for a loan. Some creditors also look at your credit score. We suggest looking at your credit score first, your first credit report is always free for go to .You can challenge any false information on your credit report. Once you are ready to apply , head over to african bank to apply for a loan up to R150 000

We also have an online application for clients that need loans. You are welcome to apply at any time.

Get blacklisted car finance durban

How to get blacklisted car finance

Blacklisted car finance is available to clients in durban , where they are financially struggling to buy cars. The next option is to look at the rent to buy scheme which works on affordability.

The are various options on the rent to buy plan depending on your budget. Here are some options in the durban area to look at.

Durban options for blacklisted clients :

ezlendwheels – they are based in Casuarina Road, Sea Park, The Tweni Waterfront, 4241 and can be contacted on 039 695 7021.

another company is Vrentals – they are based at 430 Ridge Road, Suite 701, 7th Floor Office Towers, Overport City, Durban.

Need advice on choosing the right provider contact us or for help on Blacklisted car finance durban

blacklisted car finance durban blacklisted car finance durban Get blacklisted car finance durban s l400

Some of there rent to buy schemes in Durban offer a no deposit or 50% deposit option.

Whats also good with the two companies we recommend in Durban is that they can arrange car insurance for you as well. They have a full service in-house service.

How does it work

You would need to be employed and once you receive your pre approved offer.You go in and sign for your car which will be on a rental contract.

You will need to ensure that payment is made monthly for your rental contract to ensure you keep your side of the deal.

At the end of the rent to buy contract , you can choose to pay a small amount and retain the car or trade the car for a new rental contract.

This will however depend on the terms of the rental and buy back contract you sign.


you do need to insurance when you take up a rental contract. This is mandatory with all purchases.

We certainly recommend that you consider the rent to buy option if you are unable to get finance the traditional route.

Bayport SA Loans

Get a Personal Loan of up to R250,000

It is easy to apply for a Bayport personal loan of up to R250,000 with our simple online loan application process and personalised service.

Once you have registered, all it takes is a minute, to find out if you qualify for a Bayport personal loan.

To register visit

Due to the coronavirus bayport sa is running a promo , if you qualify for a loan you will only pay in june 2020.


Repayments from 1 to 84 months

Up to R250 000

Loan is paid out in 24 hours after approval

Only pay in june 2020

No hidden


How to apply

Simpy head over to and register

Fasta Loans

Fasts loan is a new entrant in the loan space offering a new innovative loan product as well as store credit.

Loan product – You can apply for a loan with fasta loan up to R8000 payable over 3 months.

Store Credit – Do you find yourself wanting to buy items from online sites , like and you have no money , that is when Fasta loans steps in. they will advance you the funds and pay the store directly. you will receive the goods immediately. Fasta loans also in-store partners .


Flexible payment terms

Store credit

Instant approval

Registered with National Credit Regulator

How To Apply


T: 087 470 0400


[press release] smart debt advisors [PRESS RELEASE] Smart Debt Advisors 3

[PRESS RELEASE] Smart Debt Advisors

Smart debt advisors are a national debt review company operating in South Africa. Smart debt advisors offer world class debt counselling services. Smart debt advisors are registered with the national credit regulator. Smart debt advisors is fully staffed and operates from Monday to Friday, 8am until 8pm.

Legally protected
Assets are protected from being repossessed
Make one single payment
Annual review of your financial situation
You are on the way to being debt free
Decrease of your monthly debt repayments

There are various ways to contact Smart Debt Advisors :
Live Chat

We are here to assist you in regaining financial freedom through debt counselling. We will assist you through debt counselling in reducing your repayments to creditors and regaining financial freedom. Our team has 10 years combined experience in the credit industry, so rest assured you are in good hands.
Debt review was implemented in 2007 by the National Credit Act (NCA) and is designed to assist over-indebted clients with a debt restructure plan, budget restructure and advice with the aim of reducing debt repayments and interest rates.
We at SDA offer professional debt review services and always have our clients best interest at heart.Our main aim is to negotiate an affordable repayment plan with your creditors and ensure you regain financial freedom. With debt review you will pay only one instalment.

Online blacklisted loans

Finding a  loan can be very difficult when you are blacklisted , we have come up with the best solution to help you find a blacklisted loan online . We take out the hassle oif finding and even visiting a store or finance house or even a bank to get a loan. To apply simply visit our website at it takes just 5 five mins to apply online and get an answer the same day

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OnePlan Health Insurance is offering you the insurance that works for you and your family, OnePlan Healthcare is from just R235 per month.

Look at what OnePlan™ covers you per insured event :

  • Doctors
  • Medication
  • Radiology
  • Pathology
  • Ambulance
  • Hospital
  • 24 hr Emergency Cover
  • HIV cover

OnePlan™ has many different package offerings to suit your budget and family, ranging from R235 pm to R750 pm.


OnePlan Health Insurance  ONEPLAN HEALTH INSURANCE OnePlan health Insurance

OnePlan Health Insurance

Prime Meridian Prime Assist

Prime Meridian’s Prime Motor Assist plan offers the motor insurance that will give you peace of mind and protect the value of your assets should an unfortunate event occur.

In addition, minor damage like small dents, windscreen chips and bumper scuffs are an unavoidable and often costly realist of vehicle ownership. Everyday damage from shopping trolleys, flying stones and other car doors for example can affect the value of your vehicle and can detract from the simply please of owning and driving your car.

Mechanical and electrical failures can be costly and keep you from getting your children to school, getting yourself to work and from completing your everyday activities.

  • Prime Motor Assist insurance cover starts from a little over R3 a day.
  • Car insurance to help repair bumper scuffs, minor dents and windscreen chips.
  • Car insurance for jump starting and wheel changes.
  • Car insurance to help retrieve locked keys.
  • Reimbursed car hire allowance.
  • Cover for fuel shortages and flat batteries.
  • Car insurance to help you repair mechanical and electrical failures.

Real People Loans

Real People Financial services give you money when you need it, they offer a variate of financial solutions that will turn your life instantly, you can get a Real people loan which is a Fixed Asset Loan this loan is used to finance fixed assets such as equipment or machinery to help your business grow and become more profitable.

Or you can get a Working Capital Loan: This loan is used to inject working capital for business expansion. Finance your stock or debtors and take your business to the next level with a Working Capital Loan from Real People.

AIG Car Cash Plan

According to AIG, the Car Cash Plan is designed to be affordable to everyone who has a vehicle. Premiums start from as little as R120 a month, which is less than the price of a quarter tank of fuel.

The Car Cash Plan is simple, back-to-basics car insurance that will pay out the full market value when a car is hijacked, stolen or written off. Our customers tell us that they can live with a few dents or scratches – but they can’t live without their cars. There is a flat excess of R2,000, towing and storage is included.

If a car is stolen or hijacked, our call centre can be contacted with the police case number. If the car is damaged in an accident, we will send someone out to check the damage and assess the repair costs. If the repair costs of the vehicle will be more than 70 per cent of the car’s market value at the time of the accident, we will pay out cash to the value of the vehicle’s total sum insured.

AIG’s Car Cash Plan makes third party cover available as an add-on for an additional R45 a month. Third party cover makes money available to the insured to pay for third party costs that may occur if the accident is their fault.


AIG Car Cash Claims Contact Details

  • Call: 0860 111 600
  • Mail: AIG Claims, PO Box 31983, Braamfontein, 2017