Get blacklisted car finance durban

How to get blacklisted car finance

Blacklisted car finance is available to clients in durban , where they are financially struggling to buy cars. The next option is to look at the rent to buy scheme which works on affordability.

The are various options on the rent to buy plan depending on your budget. Here are some options in the durban area to look at.

Durban options for blacklisted clients :

ezlendwheels – they are based in Casuarina Road, Sea Park, The Tweni Waterfront, 4241 and can be contacted on 039 695 7021.

another company is Vrentals – they are based at 430 Ridge Road, Suite 701, 7th Floor Office Towers, Overport City, Durban.

Need advice on choosing the right provider contact us or for help on Blacklisted car finance durban

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Some of there rent to buy schemes in Durban offer a no deposit or 50% deposit option.

Whats also good with the two companies we recommend in Durban is that they can arrange car insurance for you as well. They have a full service in-house service.

How does it work

You would need to be employed and once you receive your pre approved offer.You go in and sign for your car which will be on a rental contract.

You will need to ensure that payment is made monthly for your rental contract to ensure you keep your side of the deal.

At the end of the rent to buy contract , you can choose to pay a small amount and retain the car or trade the car for a new rental contract.

This will however depend on the terms of the rental and buy back contract you sign.


you do need to insurance when you take up a rental contract. This is mandatory with all purchases.

We certainly recommend that you consider the rent to buy option if you are unable to get finance the traditional route.

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