loans for clients with bad credit

Get a loan when you have bad credit

Getting a loan for bad credit is not as hard as you think. A traditional bank may not help you with a loan . There quite a few lenders in South Africa than can assist you with a loan even if your are blacklisted or have bad credit. The one thing they look at is your ability to repay the loan back . This is done by way of assessment.

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How is affordability used to get access to a loan

The bank will look at your income and your expenses as well as your credit bureau. Even if you are blacklisted you will still get a loan offer as long as your can afford the loan and they lender is satisfied that you can repay the loan. The lenders must be registered with the national credit regulator and if they lend you money they can be fined for reckless lending. Loans for bad credit is popular in south africa. Many people struggle to make it through the month.

Bad Credit?

First we suggest looking at your expenses and income . Making some adjustments so that you can afford the repayments. Only then should you apply for a loan. Some creditors also look at your credit score. We suggest looking at your credit score first, your first credit report is always free for go to .You can challenge any false information on your credit report. Once you are ready to apply , head over to african bank to apply for a loan up to R150 000

We also have an online application for clients that need loans. You are welcome to apply at any time.

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